Most of the CW’s shows are going off the air for a few weeks, gearing up for a big finish. Today the network officially announced the finale dates for its shows so fans can mark their calendars and clear their schedules.

One Tree Hill will gets a big, two-hour series finale on Wednesday, April 4 at 8pm, complete with interviews from the cast about the nine seasons of drama.

The new CW drama Ringer will also get an early finale, ending its first season on Tuesday, April 17 at 9pm. Starting the following week on April 24, Canadian import The L.A. Complex will take over at 9pm. This six episode drama is essentially Melrose Place, but with everyone trying to break into show business. The show stars Degrassi actress Cassie Steel and Firefly‘s Jewel Staite.

Meanwhile, America’s Next Top Model will run much longer than usual, ending on Wednesday, May 30.

Here’s a complete list of the CW’s finale dates.

Tuesday, April 4: One Tree Hill
Tuesday, April 17: Ringer
Thursday, May 10: The Vampire Diaries
Thursday, May 10: The Secret Circle
Monday, May 14: Gossip Girl
Monday, May 14: Hart of Dixie
Tuesday, May 15: 90210
Friday, May 18: Nikita
Friday, May 18: Supernatural
Tuesday, May 29: The L.A. Complex
Wednesday, May 30: America’s Next Top Model


Check out this exclusive commentary by Mark Schwahn, Robert Buckley, Shantel VanSanten, and Stephen Colletti as they talk about what it was like filming the first episode of the final season.

Click the link to see the video:




Three-Disc DVD Set Includes All 13 Episodes from the Series’ Ninth Season

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The final season of One Tree Hill welcomes new hopes, challenges and dangers. Now parents of twin boys, Brooke and Julian are excited for the future. But while Brooke works on rekindling an old relationship, will Julian be able to juggle the demands of fatherhood as well as a new business venture? Though Clay and Quinn came through their past struggles stronger than ever, a different kind of demon now threatens their relationship. On “Mouth and Millie in the Morning,” our favorite talk show hosts are excited to report Tree Hill’s latest, only this time there is an elephant in the room. And after welcoming baby Lydia, will Nathan and Haley be able to keep their family intact when they are faced with their greatest threat yet, especially when Dan Scott returns? Here we go again, into the challenges that come with the quest for happiness, in a place called Tree Hill.

“Though it’s sad to see the highly popular One Tree Hill come to a close, we’re pleased to offer the show’s final season to consumers. Now fans can own the entire series from start to finish,” said Rosemary Markson, WHV Vice President, TV and Special Interest Marketing. She added, “For nine seasons, One Tree Hill has managed to remain a successful and popular franchise thanks to its loyal and devoted fan base. It’s a series that surely will be missed.”

“We’re excited to be able to share the final season and never-before-seen bonus material with our incredibly loyal fans,” said One Tree Hill creator/executive producer Mark Schwahn. “Knowing this was to be our last year, we made sure to document it, which made for some excellent behind-the-scenes footage that we’ve included here, along with our last, explosive, emotional season of One Tree Hill.”

One Tree Hill: The Complete Ninth and Final Season will include an UltraViolet Digital Copy, which allows consumers to download and stream via Wi-Fi all 13 episodes to their computers and compatible iOS and Android devices.*

One Tree Hill originally premiered September 23, 2003 on The WB and has continued to be a successful and popular franchise. Through nine seasons, the show has been nominated for a number of Teen Choice Awards and has spawned books, soundtracks, a clothing line and more.

One Tree Hill stars James Lafferty (Once and Again), Bethany Joy Galeotti (Bring It on Again), Sophia Bush (The Hitcher), Austin Nichols (The Informers), Robert Buckley (Lipstick Jungle), Shantel VanSanten (The Final Destination), Jackson Brundage (Las Vegas), Lee Norris (Boy Meets World), Lisa Goldstein (Who Do You Love), Stephen Colletti (Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County), Tyler Hilton (Walk the Line) and Paul Johansson (Alpha Dog). Created by Mark Schwahn (Coach Carter, The Perfect Score), One Tree Hill is from Mastermind Laboratories, Tollin/Robbins Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television. Season Nine was executive produced by Schwahn, Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins and Joe Davola (all three: Smallville, The Bronx Is Burning), and Greg Prange (Dawson’s Creek).

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The Fans of One Tree Hill
Crew Cameras with Sophia
Full-Length Audio Commentary on the first episode by creator and executive producer Mark Schwahn and key cast members
Unaired Scenes
Gag Reel

Know This, We’ve Noticed
In The Room Where You Sleep
Love The Way You Lie
Don’t You Want to Share The Guilt?
The Killing Moon
Catastrophe and The Cure
Last Known Surroundings
A Rush of Blood to the Head
Every Breath Is a Bomb
Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
Danny Boy
Anyone Who Had A Heart
One Tree Hill



It’s the beginning of the end for One Tree Hill, and it’s really official now that the last season is under way. No more denying it; soon we’ll have no more OTH in our lives.

Lucky for you guys, we were on set while they filmed the final season last year, so we made sure to squeeze every last bit of scoop and nostalgia out of the cast. Here’s part one of our exclusive sit-down with the stars of OTH where they talk about saying goodbye to Tree Hill and what’s ahead for their characters…

Austin Nichols and Shantel VanSanten may be relative OTH newbies, but that doesn’t mean season nine will put them on the sidelines. After all, one managed to marry the one and only Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) and the other is part of what we hear is a very intriguing storyline. We’re talking about Clay (Robert Buckley) and Quinn, of course.

“I think that we’ve presented our characters with a lot of challenges in these 13 episodes,” Shantel tells us. “I think that we have the strength to make it through these challenges that we’re presented, but you never know where life leads you. And I think obviously the end goal that we both have in mind is that we don’t see our life ending without each other. We see it being forever, but you just never know.”

With OTH, you really never know. And creator Mark Schwahn told us recently that some couples may not be together at the end of the season. Could Clay and Quinn be in danger? Not if Shantel were in charge! “It would be awesome to get a wedding ring and I also love to see how creative people come up with proposals,” she tells us. “I think that there is a happy ending for everybody and it’s going to be up to everybody’s own opinions. Some people may not think it’s a happy ending or some people may not be happy with what they thought it was going to be or what they anticipated it to be, but Mark never disappoints.”

Yikes, not exactly the unicorns and rainbows we’d expect for Clay and Quinn. Check out our full interview with Shantel below to hear her final thoughts on Quinn, the other character, and saying goodbye to One Tree Hill.

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One Tree Hill stars Rob Buckley and Shantel VanSanten have hinted that Clay and Quinn could face some problems in their relationship in the final season.

Buckley joked that Clay always has “issues” and teased that his romance will be tested in upcoming episodes.

“You’re going to get a good chance to see if we’ve got what it takes to go the distance,” he told TV Guide.

Meanwhile, VanSanten added: “This season really tests Clay and [Quinn’s] relationship and not in a way that we’re in comas or it’s life-threatening, but it really tests the strength of our love for [one] another and the foundation that we started our relationship from.”

One Tree Hill star Bethany Joy Galeotti has also claimed that her character Haley will be “challenged” in the show, while Buckley has hinted that some characters could leave before the end of the season.

One Tree Hill returns for its final season tonight on The CW.


When the ninth and final season of “One Tree Hill” premieres on Wednesday, the series will wrap up the lives of 15 characters the audience has grown to know and love.

Behind those characters are the actors who have called the Wilmington area home, some for a significant fraction of their adulthood.

Jackson Brundage

Character name: Jamie Scott

Time on show: Seasons 5-9

Season nine: Using one word “without giving anything away,” 10-year-old Brundage coyly alluded to a season without the humor Jamie usually displays: “emotional.”

Wilmington: When asked if he gets a lot of attention around town, Brundage exclaims, “Oh, do I? I get recognized at the movies, at stores, when I’m eating ice cream.”

What’s next: “It’s been awesome getting a job at 5,” Brundage said, but he added he’s ready to go back to school and hang out with his friends like a regular kid.

Tidbit: With characters Julian and Brooke becoming parents of twins, there were lots of infants on the set during season 9. “I love the babies,” Brundage said. “I guess I would call myself a baby magnet.”

Robert Buckley

Character name: Clay Evans

Time on show: Seasons 7-9

Season nine: “Have we ever seen Clay not have issues?” Buckley said. “It gets challenging. If we’re gonna do another season, we gotta have conflict.”

What’s next: “Pray for a season 10,” he joked.

Tidbit: Always full of humor, Buckley derided his image on the cover of the eight-season DVD.

“Why am I smiling like I’m demented?” he said. “That picture is straight off the Craigslist personals.”

Twitter: @RobEBuckley

Sophia Bush

Character name: Brooke Davis

Time on show: Seasons 1-9

Season nine: Bush’s one-word description of it was “juggle.”

Wilmington: “This place is a family,” Bush said. “I’ve spent my entire 20s here.”

What’s next: Bush dabbled in some directing during “One Tree Hill” and prides herself on being a multifaceted person. “I have fun on all of it, honestly,” she said.

Tidbit: Bush discussed the concept of moving on. “We’ve all been through things that are almost unspeakable. All of us,” she said. “But you do because life matters and being a good person matters.”

Twitter: @SophiaBush

Read the rest here:

Working on a TV series produced in Wilmington, “One Tree Hill” cast members have settled into routines and cultivated favorite places like any other Port City resident.

Local clothing stores, coffee shops and restaurants are among the places the stars of the series have popped up over the years.

“I don’t know what I’m going to be without Tower 7,” Sophia Bush said.

Ditto for Austin Nichols, who is dating Bush in real life. He also frequents Flaming Amy’s, Brasserie du Soleil, Lovey’s and Tidal Creek.

Bush said she’ll miss the personal service from places such as Lighthouse Beer & Wine.

“They know to call me when they get certain obscure beers in,” she said. “I’ll miss things like that. It’s a very special town.”

Chad Michael Murray, back in town for one episode of season nine but a frequent visitor to the area with fiancee Kenzie Dalton, whose family lives here, had just one top pick for a favorite place: Flaming Amy’s.

Robert Buckley named Mayfaire, the movie theaters and Wrightsville Beach among his favorite places but expressed fondness for the city overall.

“I really do enjoy Wilmington, especially when the humidity’s gone and it gets cool,” he said.

Buckley, however, who lived in downtown Wilmington for two years, compared the city’s center to “an episode of ‘Cops’ at 2 a.m.”

More than specific places, Bethany Joy Galeotti said she’d miss the overall feeling of calling this area home.

“I love the people,” she said. “The southern hospitality is very comforting to me, as is the southern food.”

Shantel VanSanten said Lovey’s and clothing stores Beanie & Cecil and Torri/Bell were among her favorite stops, and she’d even been invited to the wedding of the owner of one of her favorite places.

“I think I’ll definitely come back,” VanSanten said. “There’s a place in my heart for this town now.”