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Big things happened during Tuesday’s iZombie season finale, and while now the wait is on until season two, Newsarama has something to help tide you over — the third part in our interview series with some of the most ardent comic fans who work on the the CW show based on Chris Roberson and Mike Allred’s DC/Vertigo series.

Our previous interviews with show co-developer Diane Ruggiero-Wright and co-star Rahul Kohli got pretty geeky, but this one with Robert Buckley, who plays zombie Liv Moore’s ex-fiancé Major Lillywhite, gets nerdcore. Seriously. This might be some of the most geeking out we’ve ever done in an interview.

Buckley’s known as a romantic lead from a number of TV shows, including One Tree Hill and Lipstick Jungle, and for facing the devil on 666 Park Avenue. But we were warned by our previous interviewees that Buckley was a huge comics fan, and this interview did not disappoint. Sit back to learn of his favorite books, his art collection, and his efforts to convert us to #TeamMajor.

Newsarama: Rob, thanks for talking with us.

Robert Buckley: My pleasure. Sorry I was running late!

Nrama: Oh, no problem. Now, we talked to Diane and Rahul before, and they were both saying that while they were pretty big comic book fans…they were nothing compared to you.

Buckley: You know what? I can actually blame my slight tardiness on my comic book addiction. I had to go by my local shop to make sure I picked up Fight Club 2 from Dark Horse. I had to make sure I got all the variants.

Nrama: Y’know, it’s too bad you guys are both straight and he’s off the market, because I would tell you to marry Scott Porter. We did an interview back when he was doing Friday Night Lights and he was late for that exact same reason.

Buckley: That is so funny – Scott and I worked together when I did a couple episodes of Hart of Dixie, and we just immediately bonded over comics and HeroClix and everything. Jaime King is looking at us like, “What is happening?” We’re going “You’re reading that?! You like HeroClix?! Did we just become best friends?!” One of those moments, you know? [laughs]

Nrama: What are some books you’re enjoying – both right now and of all time?

Buckley: Oh my God. Uh – right now, I’m enjoying the Saga series – huge fan. And I’ve turned on a lot of my friends onto it, some unwillingly, and they all love it.

I really love the New 52 Batman, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. And growing up, I loved Jim Lee – remember when he did that reinvention of X-Men, that classic fold-out cover?

Nrama: Yes! There were like five or six of them.

Buckley: Right! I just fell in love with the X-Men right then, I just loved Wolverine. And as I got older, I found myself gravitating towards characters that had darker origins like Batman and Daredevil.

I’ve branched out – Blacksad is a book I found and just fell in love with.

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For a show about zombies eating brains, iZombie sure likes to rip out our hearts as well, huh?

That season one finale really put us through the ringer tonight (raise your hand if you need a hug, because we sure do). From Liv (Rose McIver) having to turn Major (Robert Buckley) into a zombie to save his life, only to give him the last batch of the cure to turn him back when it became clear he would never forgive her, only to then find out her younger brother was in critical condition in the hospital and needs her blood to survive his injuries, meaning she just saved her relationship at the expense of her brother’s life…man, iZombie was not playing around!

And we haven’t even mentioned that epic, jaw-dropping action scene in which Major finally got his revenge on Blaine (David Anders) and Meat Cute…and Liv finished the job, giving Blaine the only other dose of the zombie cure, turning him back into a human! So. Freakin’. Amazing.

It’s going to be one long summer while we oh-so-impatiently wait for iZombie season two, so we got executive producer Rob Thomas to spill all he could about what’s coming up when the CW show returns this fall!

E! News: Blaine and Major have both been cured—are there going to be any complications with becoming human again?
Rob Thomas: Yeah, there will be. Ravi would not have wanted to put that cure on the market yet, and for good reason. There will be side effects. There will be fallout from that. It won’t be as easy as boom, you’re human again, go enjoy the rest of your life. Blaine will have to try to maintain his zombie world while being human so we’re going to have some fun in season two with him trying to pass as a zombie. Imagine him trying to put on white face to convince his clients that he’s still a badass who they should be afraid of.

Liv’s brother is in critical condition by the end of the finale—how is this going to shake up their family dynamic especially since Liv can’t give her blood to save him?
It will have real repercussions next year. We know that the season two opening scene is going to be a really rough scene with her family. They do not understand the decision she made and it’s kind of impossible for her to tell them.

So there won’t be a time jump in between seasons one and two?
No, there will be a time jump. There’s a few months between the end of season one and season two, but we will not be seeing her first attempt to patch things up with her family. We’ll be seeing like the eighth attempt to get back into their good graces.

Over the course of season one, was there anything you discovered that wasn’t working that you’re going to abandon going into season two or anything that you found worked that you’re going to play up more going forward?
A couple things, actually. Robert Buckley is so good at comedy. He’s so charming. He and Rahul [Kohli], who plays Ravi, we discovered how fun and funny they are together. But we wrote a storyline in which in the middle of the season, we took away his fastball. There was a lot in the middle of the season where Major was looking sad or dour. I want to find ways to let Rob Buckley be engaging and fun and active and I think the show got much better when we gave him back those things we had taken away from him. But it was just hard for him to discover the kids who he worked with at the shelter were being murdered, and then play romantic comedy!

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You might recognize Robert Buckley as dreamy Clay Evans from One Tree Hill, but these days he’s starring as Major Lilywhite, the dangerously and woefully out of the loop ex-fiancé of a recently zombified medical examiner, on The CW’s new show iZombie.

Buckley stopped by BuzzFeed New York to chat all about the series, and after making us all practically faint during his painfully beautiful photo shoot, he sat down to play a very difficult game of zombie-themed “Would You Rather.” Here’s what went down.

Would you rather have to eat brains or drink someone’s blood to survive?

Robert Buckley: Well, I would go with blood, because right now I’m kind of on this paleo kick and I guess we don’t know where brains falls into that whole mix. So it’s going to be blood.

Would you rather eat brains with noodles or drink a brain smoothie?

RB: I would much rather go with the brain smoothie because it’s just down in one. Get it over with.

Would you rather become a zombie or a vampire after being bitten?

RB: I’m gonna go with vampire on this one, because it just seems by and large vampires are always well dressed, they’re always good looking, they have incredible vocabularies, and they’re always rich. You’ve never seen a vampire like, “Ah shit, a $35 parking ticket. Ugh, Mondays!” So, vampire all the way.

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Robert Buckley is a familiar face to fans of The CW. The 34-year-old cutie, who previously appeared on One Tree Hill and Hart of Dixie, is back on the network this year as Major Lilywhite on iZombie. When Robert stopped by our studios, we got the scoop on exactly what all the fake brains on set taste like, how he preps for shirtless scenes, and which fictional zombies he thinks he could take on. Catch iZombie tonight at 8 p.m./9 p.m. Central on The CW.

iZombie is offering up a Major dose of drama on this Tuesday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c) as Liv’s ex-fiancé gets dangerously close to brain-dealer-about-town Blaine.

With the stakes raised during the season’s final two installments, star Robert Buckley says he couldn’t have been more pleased when he saw what was in store for his alter ego.

“I was beside myself! I was so happy,” the actor exclaims. “There’s a lot of exciting adventure for Major… I loved the way it turned out.”

So did the rest of the cast, who got a sneak peek at the freshman dramedy’s season conclusion when executive producer Rob Thomas invited them over to his house for a screening of Episodes 12 and 13.

“All of us were like, ‘Holy smokes! Those came out so good!’” Buckley recalls. “Everyone’s in danger, and it just gets crazier and crazier.” (Editor’s note: He does not lie.)

Below, Buckley previews Major’s scary confrontation with Blaine and his romantic prospects with Liv following last week’s not-so-real confession.

TVLINE | I know it was all in Liv’s head, but do you think any part of Major would react like that if Liv came clean with him?
[Laughs] That’s a pretty ridiculous, crazy confession. I don’t know how anyone would take that. Major was insanely understanding. But he has shown himself to be a very loyal, loving guy. Who knows? If it was me in real life, I might be a bit more stunned. It would take me a little bit longer to get to the, “It’s OK.”

TVLINE | As clever as Major is, he hasn’t figured out Liv is a zombie despite the fact that she’s had a very extreme makeover. Why do you think that is? Is he in denial?
When I was trying to make sense of the character early on, I was like, “How does this make sense?” Obviously, what she went through at the boat party was a very traumatic event. But a huge overnight change… What is it? Is it denial? I think sometimes, when you really love someone, they can become your blindspot. You’re too close to it to see it. Or maybe you don’t want to see it. Subconsciously, you don’t want to acknowledge something.

I also think, because what she went through was so horrific, he can’t really say to her how she should react [or] behave. He’s not able to see the whole picture, because his judgment’s clouded by the fact that he loves her and he still wants to be with her.

TVLINE | And is Liv open to that? Or is she still in a state of grief over Lowell?
I don’t think that she’s anywhere near ready to get back into a romantic relationship, because nothing’s changed between Liv and Major. She still would be putting him at risk. The whole Lowell thing hasn’t changed that dynamic between Liv and Major.

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