We asked iZombie’s Robert Buckley to share his three desert island comics.
The first two were simple. The third, well…


On The CW’s iZombie, Robert Buckley plays Major Lilywhite, the ex-fiancé/current object of affection (it’s complicated, okay?) of main character Liv Moore. Buckley’s excellent in the role—he’s funny, charming, cute—and it’s easy to see why Liv would have a hard time letting go of him. However, great of an actor that he is, Buckley’s well suited for the world of iZombie for another reason as well. He’s a big comic book fan. Absolutely huge.

Considering this, we thought it would be fun to ask him for his three desert island comic books. Which three comics could he not stand to be without? The first two were pretty simple. The third, well…we got there eventually!

See Buckley’s top desert island comics here: http://www.dccomics.com/blog/2015/03/13/three-desert-island-comics-with-izombies-robert-buckley

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