While their characters have yet to meet on “iZombie,” Robert Buckley and Rahul Kohli are in the midst of a very serious bromance.

Series star Rose McIver spilled the beans to Zap2it at the 2015 winter press tour: “They live sight distance from each other and one night they actually …” It’s at this point that McIver realizes Buckley walking by.

“Buckley, I’m telling about how you and Rahul turned your flashlights on and had a code,” she tells him.

Buckley picks up the story: “With our iPhones, we’re like, ‘At 3:45, go to your window and turn the flashlight off and on.’ So we did, and we saw each other.”

“They’re like 12-year-old schoolboys,” McIver jokes. Buckey adds, “It’s like the movie ‘Step Brothers,’ except much better looking.”

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Kohli and Buckley found their common ground in video games, which became very useful to McIver for a scene on the show where she has to pass as a gamer. “They’re my gaming consultants,” she says. “They talk me through what you do and don’t say.”

While McIver admits she may not be ready to join them for a proper night of video games just yet, Kohli has an alternative. When Zap2it joined a group of media outlets for a visit to the “iZombie,” the actor revealed that he and Buckley have invested in a set of “Magic: The Gathering” cards.


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