‘iZombie’ Interview: Robert Buckley Teases How Major and Zombies Mingle and Cross Paths

Poor Major! He’s about as perfect a guy as you can find and Liv dumped him without any explanation at all on iZombie. His integration into the zombie world won’t be coming from Liv though, but through his job as a social worker.

BuddyTV spoke with Robert Buckley about playing a character who doesn’t know Liv’s secret, her unique relationship with Major, and how Major finds out about the existence of zombies.

What’s it like to be one of the humans not in the know? As a character, is it more difficult to play or is it more fun?

I think it’s more fun. There is a lot of value in– and I think the writers have done a great job of capitalizing on it — secrets are what make shows great. It makes characters interesting. What is their secret? What are are they not telling us? And Liv, who has her soul mate who she’s been so close with for eight years suddenly asked to not only break up with him and never explain why because she has to keep that secret from him.

For me, it’s fun. It’s very easy to play the sincerity of the scenes because it’s just– how would I feel if the woman I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with abruptly dumped me and was cold and distant. I feel empathy for Major, but I like it for right now. As the season goes on, she’s put in increasingly compromising situations that challenges her ability to keep that secret.

It’s interesting since there is still a spark between them, but Major doesn’t know what’s going on.

You see in Episode 2, she’s eaten the brain of the artist, so she’s very sensual and sexual. After six months of giving the cold shoulder to Major, she suddenly shows up and is, “I need to kiss you. I can’t be away from you. I can’t be away from you.”

She literally throws herself at him. I love that scene because he finally gets– when you see him being nothing but this long-suffering, tireless, hopeful, perfect, dream guy in the sense that you couldn’t ask for more in the terms of an ex. And it’s the first time we get to see him have a “What the hell?” moment.

I feel like it’s so earned because that would be such a cruel thing to leave someone like that and never let them know why and then not even be really friendly with them and then to suddenly come back like nothing ever happened is mentally is so cruel and unfair. And I love the fact– if he didn’t respond like that, it would be harder to respect that character.

Also as a viewer, it would be hard to believe it. You’d be like, “Really?” So I love that fact that his response isn’t like, “Oh, maybe?” He’s like, “No, get out! You don’t get to do that to me.” I like that scene.

Does he start to get some clue that’s there more to Liv’s story? And what might be some things that clue him in?

In the broader spectrum of the fact of zombies, he will. We’ll start to see him– he’s a social worker. He works with these at risk teens and runaways and a couple of them start to go missing. When his favorite kid goes missing, he starts looking into it and finds out that several kids have gone missing.

The police haven’t made it much of a priority, so he makes it his mission to find out what is happening to these kids. As he does that it sort of puts him on this long crusade where he finds out increasingly bizarre things. He’s butting up against zombie stuff and of course as a normal person, he’s like, “That can’t be real.” And as he tries to explain to other people, he sounds crazy.

It puts him in this spot where people don’t believe him and he can’t believe what he’s seeing, but he’s seeing it with his own eyes so he doesn’t know if he’s going crazy. Ultimately, him and zombies, they do mingle and their paths cross.

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9pm ET on the CW.

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