It’s a bit under two months ahead of us (May 2nd) but we’re going to start planning our official Robert Buckley Birthday Project. Afterall he’s turning 30 this year and we think as loyal fans we should do something for him. As a little thank you.

My idea was actualy simple but honest:

– everyone (from all over the world) can make whatever they want for Robert. From letters to creative designs to some artworks or little gadgets.

– there will be an address where you can send all of your work to and from there we’ll put all the gifts together in a box and send it out to a friend of Rob, who will personally give it to him around his birthday.

– everyone who wants to join make sure you comment on this note and invite as much people as you can. Would be great.

– you can always send in stuff through mail as well.

– if you want in on this don’t forget to mail me for the exact address you have to send it to:

– for example : write him letters, make something artistic, make a video, DO WHATEVER YOU WANNA DO FOR ROB !

Thanks! You’re all GREAT!

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  1. Appreciate it for helping out, superb info .

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