You might recognize Robert Buckley as dreamy Clay Evans from One Tree Hill, but these days he’s starring as Major Lilywhite, the dangerously and woefully out of the loop ex-fiancé of a recently zombified medical examiner, on The CW’s new show iZombie.

Buckley stopped by BuzzFeed New York to chat all about the series, and after making us all practically faint during his painfully beautiful photo shoot, he sat down to play a very difficult game of zombie-themed “Would You Rather.” Here’s what went down.

Would you rather have to eat brains or drink someone’s blood to survive?

Robert Buckley: Well, I would go with blood, because right now I’m kind of on this paleo kick and I guess we don’t know where brains falls into that whole mix. So it’s going to be blood.

Would you rather eat brains with noodles or drink a brain smoothie?

RB: I would much rather go with the brain smoothie because it’s just down in one. Get it over with.

Would you rather become a zombie or a vampire after being bitten?

RB: I’m gonna go with vampire on this one, because it just seems by and large vampires are always well dressed, they’re always good looking, they have incredible vocabularies, and they’re always rich. You’ve never seen a vampire like, “Ah shit, a $35 parking ticket. Ugh, Mondays!” So, vampire all the way.

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