Robert Buckley says he played his dream role in the new film The Legends of Hell’s Gate, based on the true story of three outlaws expeditions during the 1870’s in Texas. Buckley plays one of the expedited soldiers, which he described to me during our recent interview as one of the greatest times he has ever had with a character. We chatted about his experience of working on the western film, as well as on another role Buckley says he has been having a fun time with, and perhaps his most famous role, that of his current one as sports agent Clay Evans on the CW’s One Tree Hill. If you watch One Tree Hill you know Clay has definitely been on a journey of ups and downs this season. Buckley, who is always as down to earth as it gets, talked about the moments that stood out to him this year in ‘Tree Hill’, what’s ahead for Clay and Quinn; and how he went from economics to Hollywood!

First I want to say Happy birthday! I read you just celebrated a birthday yesterday. I hope you had a fantastic day!

Robert- Thank you so much! Dirty thirty! (Laughs) It was a blast! It was the perfect way to celebrate. We had a big over-sized pineta and we had a big dinner! It was just so much fun! That’s a really mature, appropriate emotional response over a big over-sized pineta when you turn 30!

At 30? Yes exactly! No it’s great!

Robert- Yeah. I’m more like 25 years behind the curve.

I never had a pineta for a birthday. I should do it when I turn 30 too! Five more years!

Robert- You should. You know realistically what is 30 if not a double quinceanera? You get it when turn 15, so when you turn 30 you might as well get a double-size pineta.

Was there good candy in it?

Robert- All kinds of good candy! It really was a sight to behold. It was pretty epic. A four foot tall Hello Kitty pineta. It couldn’t have been more perfect! (Laughs)

Congrats on your new movie, The Legends of Hell’s Gate. What’s your character like in it?

Robert- Thank you so much! It’s a western, I play an expedited soldier who is now out chasing down this guy who’s a bounty hunter. We’re called expedited soldiers, myself and Keven Alejandro, Mr. James Lafferty, who you may be familiar with, (Laughs) and a few others. It was a blast. It was literally like a dream job. I got to get dirty, wear an awesome fake mustache, ride horses, shoot guns. So literally it was like getting paid for what I used to do between the ages of six and…..well who am I kidding? (Laughs)

Well I remember when I asked you last summer during our on-set interview with Shantel [Van Santen] what your dream role was, you said you wanted to play a super-hero fighting type character.

Robert- Yeah! A punch or a punch-line! Give me one or the other. (Laughs)

You mentioned working with James Lafferty, how was it working with him in a non-One Tree Hill atmosphere?

Robert- It was so much fun. The show was great, let us out for a couple days to do this. We literally worked all night, got on a plane at five in the morning, flew out to Texas and just went straight to set. Hair and makeup and they gave us like a 15 minute lesson of riding horses and then literally put us on set. And the first take I looked at him and was like “What is going on?” He was like “I don’t know”, and then it was action! (Laughs) And we started talking like cowboys. I was just like it doesn’t get cooler than this. I got my good buddy, we’re playing cowboys, we’re both out of our elements, but in a fun way. It was just so, so much fun! Especially because he and I have only worked together as Nate and Clay so to be playing Eigson and Bacas was just awesome.

Was there a scene that stood out to you the most from the movie?

Robert- Yes, there’s a big gun fight scene that James and I are in. It was pretty funny. It was just a crazy scene that we had to shoot because we had to get up before the sun rose, it was the last day that we could do the shooting so it was like you either make it or break it. If you don’t get you’re in trouble. And we had a huge scene that probably should have been shot over the course of a day or two and we got it in like I think one or two takes. It was people getting set on fire. I mean it was nuts. I would say there were a few mishaps but it was nothing that nobody couldn’t walk away from. That was a pretty memorable day. And the first scene between James and I, that was also pretty funny because if you listen closely there’s some extra dialog that I ended up looping after we shot the film and James wasn’t there to loop it so if you listen closely you can hear my character sort of talking a little bit of trash about James’ character’s sister.

Moving on to One Tree Hill, I have to ask for the fans what’s ahead for Clay and Quinn? Is there a possible engagement soon? Give me the scoop!

Robert- (Laughs) I’m pretty sure I would probably be in the unemployment line tomorrow if I gave you that kind of a scoop! But suffice to say you know Clay and Quinn things are going pretty well for them right now. And I think this has been one of the best periods of emotional romantic growth for them. Let’s be honest they’ve had a scary set of hiccups between psychos and shootings and nearly dying. So whether that means engagement, or baby, or an eloping marriage, or maybe none of the above, who’s to say? Guess you’re going to have to watch episodes 21 and 22!

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By Merite Bouarrouj

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