Poor Major is spiralling on iZOMBIE. Recently cured from his own zombie-ism, he’s working as a contract killer for Max Rager, thanks to some blackmail on the company’s part. And he recently slept with Gilda, who works with Max Rager CEO Vaughn Du Clark.

“He’s a trainwreck, he’s a garbage fire,” Robert Buckley told reporters during a recent visit to the iZOMBIE set in Vancouver. “I don’t know when Major’s birthday is, but I hope it’s soon and I hope someone sends him a coupon for a free ice cream. I hope we see that scene — just a boy and his dog (that he stole from a guy he killed) and his ice cream.”

Buckley also thinks that his recent indiscretion with Gilda was indicative of the bad place that Major is in right now and if it happens again, it’s more about Major’s problems than about him genuinely wanting a relationship with her. Speaking of relationships, Buckley understands the strained place that Liv and Major’s relationship is in right now. He does, however, hint that “In episode 4 [airing October 27] there’s a great scene between [Major and Liv]. I won’t say the nature of it, but I loved it. Shooting it was very interesting. It’s the closing scene in episode 4 so you’ll know when you see it. It really spoke to the truth of their relationship.”

Meanwhile, with more and more people that Major kills, is he in danger of getting on the police’s radar? Well, as Buckley points out, Major already has legal troubles. “Clive has not let the Meat Cute thing go. I like that they’re still teasing that and they’re not letting that fire go out. Clive is very suspicious. So there’s already legal pressure. But Major is not a criminal. He’s not a career criminal. He had a one off night when he went berserker — more or less worked out in his favor. And so what he’s doing now, it wasn’t planned. People don’t get away with murders when they plan them. This is like something that fell into his lap. So I like that you’re watching someone who doesn’t really have all of his bases covered. So it adds that element of ‘what’s gonna happen the first time a kidnapping goes wrong?’.”

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source: http://www.thetvaddict.com/2015/10/26/izombie-robert-buckley-season-2-interview-spoilers/

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