Robert tells about the Oct. 28 episode of ’666 Park Avenue.’ Viewers can expect a Halloween fright! caught up with Robert Buckley at the the Cinema Society and Tumi’s screening of This Must Be the Place on Oct. 25, where he told us we can expect “some sexy costumes, at least one fistfight and at least one kidnapping” on the Halloween episode of 666 Park Avenue. “It’s our strongest episode yet” he said. Sounds exciting!

Robert is really enjoying playing Brian, as he says it’s quite different from his previous role, sports agent Clay Evans on The CW’s One Tree Hill.

“My Twitter followers are up in arms,” he told us. “They are like, ‘We can’t believe Clay is cheating on Quinn — and now potentially on his new wife.’ Clay is such a sweet guy, and Brian is a sweet guy, but he is making some bad decisions. It’s a lot of fun to play him.”

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