Even though only four new episodes remain, Robert promises ‘there’s lots more to be seen at The Drake.’

666 Park Avenue is closing its doors for good in 2013, and according to Robert Buckley, none of the residents are guaranteed to check out alive! “No one is safe,” he told HollywoodLife.com on Dec. 9 at The Cinema Society’s screening of Stand Up Guys at the MoMA in NYC, sponsored by Chrysler and Bally. “At least one person, if not more, are in serious peril.”

The script, which Robert described as “pretty nuts,” also answers any lingering questions fans have about New York City’s “most seductive address.”

“We are going to wrap it up nicely,” he assured us. “It’s going to be pretty good. To wrap it all up in an hour is hard, but [the writers] do a pretty great job of it.”

So what’s next for the former One Tree Hill star now that 666 Park Avenue is coming to an early end?

“Pilot season,” he told us. “I would love to get into comedy! I’ve done drama now. If it was an existing show, maybe New Girl, or Ben & Kate, or [It’s Always] Sunny in Philadelphia.”

source: http://hollywoodlife.com/2012/12/13/666-park-avenue-series-finale-spoilers-robert-buckley-interview/


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