Robert Buckley was on The Craig Shoemaker Show yesterday.
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After months of wondering and waiting, fans of ‘666 Park Avenue’ will finally get to see how this freshman series will end, as ABC has announced that they will air the remaining unseen episodes of the show beginning June 22 at 9 p.m.

‘666 Park Avenue’ was based on a series of novels by Gabriella Pierce and centered on a young couple (Dave Annable and Rachel Taylor) who have been hired by the owner (Terry O’Quinn) and his wife (Vanessa Williams) to manage the historic apartment building that they own. Soon the young couple find that supernatural occurrences are threatening the lives of those who live there.

The series developed a cult following, however, the 10pm Sunday night time slot was not an optimal position for a genre show like this, and while live viewing numbers were down, DVR rating stats proved that the series was gaining viewers each week. However, it wasn’t enough to save the show.

In November, ABC stated that they would be cancelling the series and that ‘666 Park Avenue’ would end after its 13 episode run. While fans were disappointed (as well as series regular Annable who clearly stated his feelings upon the news on Twitter), producers David Wilcox and Matt Miller did promise that the show would not end in a cliff hanger and that viewers would have their questions about the apartment complex’ tenants as well as the building itself answered by the final episode.

But instead of letting the series run its course, the network decided to once again pull the rug out from under the show’s fans and pulled the series off the air before all 13 episodes had aired. They did state, however, that they would air the remaining 4 episodes in the summer.

With summer now just around the corner, ABC has finally given an air date for the remaining episodes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the network will be airing any of the previous episodes before the 22nd, but you can watch episodes 5-9 over at the ABC site in its entirely.

While the news is not as promising as a second season renewal, at least fans can have some closure with the show before the Drake closes its doors for good.

Source: Deadline


“After surviving a year of econometrics, I’ve learned that I’m capable of doing anything.” —Robert Buckley

Earlier this month, UC San Diego hosted its annual Triton Day. Robert Buckley shared his recollections of time spent at UCSD, the struggles of being an actor and advice for future students…as well as the latest Hollywood scoop. Stay tuned for an exclusive profile on Buckley!

source: http://talkingtriton.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/inside-the-triton-studio-robert-buckley/



Robert Buckley is an American actor, best known for his roles on the television series Lipstick Jungle and One Tree Hill. A native of Claremont, CA. in Los Angeles County, Buckley earned an economics degree from UC San Diego. As an undergraduate, Buckley appeared as a contestant on The Price is Right. He recently played Bacas Mitchell in the indie film The Legend of Hell’s Gate: An American Conspiracy.

Q: What was your favorite subject outside of your major at UC San Diego?
A: My favorite subject outside of economics was acting…shocker, right? As enjoyable as a full year of econometrics courses was, the intro to acting class I took at the end of my senior year ended up being my favorite class at UC San Diego.

Q: What course or faculty made the biggest impression on you?
A: Intro to Acting made the biggest impression on me as it introduced me to my future career and love of acting (or as my parents refer to it, “the demise of my college degree”).

Q: What was your favorite place to hang out?
A: Muir Woods Café was kind enough to employ me during my first two years at UC San Diego so it was always a fun spot to hang out at.

Q: What book did you last read (or are currently reading) and who is your favorite author?
A: The last book I read was Rob Lowe’s autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends and two of my favorite authors at the moment are Tina Fey and Malcolm Gladwell.

Q: What is your “X Factor” – the key trait or quality that has helped you succeed in your career and/or life?
A: In my opinion, my comically oversized eyebrows are my X Factor(s). I’d love to say it’s my tireless work ethic or selfless devotion “to my craft” but let’s be honest—it’s all about the brows.

Q: What do you know now, that you wish you knew then?
A: I wish I would have known that my future in economics was going to be short-lived so it wouldn’t hurt to have tried a wider variety of courses from other disciplines.

Q: Do you give back to UC San Diego? If so, how and why (time, talent or treasure)?
A: Outside of some financial contributions, this is my first (but hopefully not last) time giving back to UC San Diego.


Robert Buckley is at UCSD today for Triton day and will share his journey from UCSD econ major to TV.



The past two years the birthday project was a huge success and due to a high demand for a new one this year I’m glad to announce that the 3rd Robert Buckley Birthday Project is a fact!

The first time we had plenty of letters to send out to him, the second year we had the birthday book but this year we want to make it more personal.

No book, not just a one sentence note but things that really matter:

– get creative and make artwork, designs from the heart. Things that you want to show Robert or things related to him, it can be anything.

– write him heartfelt letters. ( can be mailed as well )

– buy him little presents. Rob is very much into comic books, movies, gadgets, … So it would be great if you guys could send in gifts that makes you think of him. Try to make your present this year the biggest and most personal one you ever!

– if you don’t have the time or inspiration you can also send in some money (info for this, mail to s_rainheart@hotmail.com) together with your personal letter for Robert and then we will buy some stuff that will have your name on it for Rob.

– everyone (from all over the world) can ENTER!

– invite as much people as you can!

– you can always send in stuff through mail as well.

– if you want in on this don’t forget to mail me for the exact address you have to send it to: s_rainheart@hotmail.com


You have until April 30th to submit your birthday messages so start planning now and help us spread the word about this birthday project!

P.S. Should you have any queries or problems regarding your birthday entries, please forward them to me, either by mail s_rainheart@hotmail.com or you can tweet us directly at @RobEBuckleyFans! =)