Robert Buckley is an American actor, best known for his roles on the television series Lipstick Jungle and One Tree Hill. A native of Claremont, CA. in Los Angeles County, Buckley earned an economics degree from UC San Diego. As an undergraduate, Buckley appeared as a contestant on The Price is Right. He recently played Bacas Mitchell in the indie film The Legend of Hell’s Gate: An American Conspiracy.

Q: What was your favorite subject outside of your major at UC San Diego?
A: My favorite subject outside of economics was acting…shocker, right? As enjoyable as a full year of econometrics courses was, the intro to acting class I took at the end of my senior year ended up being my favorite class at UC San Diego.

Q: What course or faculty made the biggest impression on you?
A: Intro to Acting made the biggest impression on me as it introduced me to my future career and love of acting (or as my parents refer to it, “the demise of my college degree”).

Q: What was your favorite place to hang out?
A: Muir Woods Café was kind enough to employ me during my first two years at UC San Diego so it was always a fun spot to hang out at.

Q: What book did you last read (or are currently reading) and who is your favorite author?
A: The last book I read was Rob Lowe’s autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends and two of my favorite authors at the moment are Tina Fey and Malcolm Gladwell.

Q: What is your “X Factor” – the key trait or quality that has helped you succeed in your career and/or life?
A: In my opinion, my comically oversized eyebrows are my X Factor(s). I’d love to say it’s my tireless work ethic or selfless devotion “to my craft” but let’s be honest—it’s all about the brows.

Q: What do you know now, that you wish you knew then?
A: I wish I would have known that my future in economics was going to be short-lived so it wouldn’t hurt to have tried a wider variety of courses from other disciplines.

Q: Do you give back to UC San Diego? If so, how and why (time, talent or treasure)?
A: Outside of some financial contributions, this is my first (but hopefully not last) time giving back to UC San Diego.


Robert Buckley is at UCSD today for Triton day and will share his journey from UCSD econ major to TV.



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666 Park Avenue alum Robert Buckley has been cast in NBC’s comedy pilot Holding Patterns, from writer Justin Spitzer, Peter Traugott’s TBD Prods and Universal TV. It is an ensemble multi-camera comedy about a group of friends whose lives completely change after they survive a plane crash. Buckley, repped by Interlink Management and WME, plays one of them, Chad, Griffin’s (Humphrey Ker) and Leah’s (Chyler Leight) arrogant, misogynistic friend, now a successful chick-lit author who returns home for the wedding. Buckley joins 666 Park Ave. co-stars Dave Annable and Rachael Taylor, who also have booked pilots.


Even though only four new episodes remain, Robert promises ‘there’s lots more to be seen at The Drake.’

666 Park Avenue is closing its doors for good in 2013, and according to Robert Buckley, none of the residents are guaranteed to check out alive! “No one is safe,” he told on Dec. 9 at The Cinema Society’s screening of Stand Up Guys at the MoMA in NYC, sponsored by Chrysler and Bally. “At least one person, if not more, are in serious peril.”

The script, which Robert described as “pretty nuts,” also answers any lingering questions fans have about New York City’s “most seductive address.”

“We are going to wrap it up nicely,” he assured us. “It’s going to be pretty good. To wrap it all up in an hour is hard, but [the writers] do a pretty great job of it.”

So what’s next for the former One Tree Hill star now that 666 Park Avenue is coming to an early end?

“Pilot season,” he told us. “I would love to get into comedy! I’ve done drama now. If it was an existing show, maybe New Girl, or Ben & Kate, or [It’s Always] Sunny in Philadelphia.”



‘666 Park Avenue’ Star Robert Buckley on Last Episodes: There’s No ‘Tidy Bowtie’

The actor tells THR what it’s like on set of the cancelled drama, laments ABC pulling the plug and ensures that fans will be treated to a full-fledged series finale.

When ABC announced the cancelation of 666 Park Avenue on Nov. 16, lead Dave Annable was quick to call out the network on Twitter: “You have to give shows time to grow! Nielsen is so outdated!” he wrote. “I’m sorry but they f—ed up.”

Fellow 666 Park actor Robert Buckley, who recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter, echoed Annable’s comments but says he’s looking forward to surprising fans with a full-fledged series finale.

“I’m disappointed to see it end prematurely, I think it’s really starting to find its stride now,” he says. “The ratings are what they are, they’re really difficult to interpret — overnight versus DVR [growth]. But at the end of the day, I think it’s a great show.”

Days after the ax dropped on the Sunday night series, 666 Park Avenue received a 77 percent boost for its Nov. 4 episode via DVR ratings and grew an entire rating point — more movement than any other show for that week. Still, the show still ranks low. Its most recent episode lost nearly half of its Revenge lead-in, earning only a 1.2 rating in the key adults 18-49 demo.

The last two episodes of 666 Park Avenue are currently in production.

“On set, everyone was disappointed to hear the news; I’ve never worked on a show where you had to continue making episodes after you knew,” he tells THR. “But we just had our table read for episode 12, and we had a blast. It’s like, ‘Alright, the show’s canceled, then let’s just do these for us. Let’s make the show that we want to make.'”

With five episodes left to air, Buckley teased that the remaining scripts have been ramped up to deliver fans a full-fledged series finale.

“They’re pulling out all of the stops. They had big plans for the show regardless of [ending with] 13 [episodes], and they’ve stuck to it,” he says. “Viewers are going to be really surprised to see what we pull out in the last couple episodes. I had heard that there wouldn’t be a nice, tidy bowtie on the ending. It would leave you wanting more, which, given the circumstances, is smart.”

Set to leave a cast including Annable, Terry O’Quinn, Vanessa Williams and Rachael Taylor, who will Buckley miss working with most? His onscreen partner, Mercedes Masohn of The Finder fame.

“We get along like two demented peas in a pod,” he said. “TV wife wins.”