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While at a CBS/CW event for the Television Critics Association summer TV press tour, CW President Mark Pedowitz confirmed to me that this would, indeed, be the final season of “One Tree Hill.”

That, of course, had been announced back in May when the network unveiled its new season, but “One Tree Hill” has a reputation for cheating death, so I was just making sure.

What was less clear back in May was how long this ninth and final season would be. The show got a 13 episode pickup, but many fans have wondered if the season could grow by a few more episodes.

That’s certainly not the plan, Pedowitz said. “Today, it is 13 episodes.”

It’s always possible, I suppose, that if the network feels the need to suddenly bump up “One Tree Hill,” now scheduled for a midseason bow around January or so, to earlier in the season to plug a sudden schedule hole, it’s possible the net could ask for more episodes. But the reality of filming (“One Tree Hill” will wrap by November, which means its final scripts would be in a few weeks before that) makes that possibility highly, highly unlikely.  And again, this is just me spit-balling here. Pedowitz stood firm on the 13-episodes plan.

Pedowitz, who took over the network reins from Dawn Ostroff, said he knew about the show’s strong fan following long before he took over at the CW.

And though “One Tree Hill’s” eighth season finale could have served as a series ender, Pedowitz said he wanted to give one last gift to the show’s passionate fans.

“We felt it would be really good for the viewers to have (another season),” Pedowitz said. “It’s a good show. The viewers loved it. So we thought we’d keep it going. The fans are very fervent about it, so we felt it was a great treat for them.”



Rumor is that this might be the cover of the One Tree Hill Season 8 DVD Box. You can now pre-order this one at

One Tree Hill stars Robert Buckley and Shantel VanSanten rehearse a scene as filming for the popular show resumed at Wallace Park Monday July 11, 2011.

Photo by Paul Stephen

For Britta and Ryan Gagner, “One Tree Hill” means true love.

The Wisconsin couple, married one year last month, said the show helped bring them together.

Britta and Ryan, both 30, had been friends for several years before they began dating in 2007. During the time that the spark between them was flickering, they would often fall asleep on her parents’ couch watching “One Tree Hill” together.

On June 15, 2010, they got married in Wrightsville Beach because they’d seen the area on the show. This week they’re back in town celebrating their one-year anniversary.

And how are they marking the occasion? By working a 12-hour shift Tuesday as extras on the set.

“We specifically came this week because we knew that’s when they started filming,” Britta said. “I like to do out-of-the-box things, and he goes along for the ride.”

While Ryan is a big basketball fan and seems to love the show just as much as his wife based on its athletic story line alone, he may have an ulterior motive.

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Check out more images of Rob while filming Season 9 in the gallery:


One Tree Hill Season 9 – It’s ON! The cast and crew are now in Wilmington where they started filming Season 9!

Surprise 40th Birthday for Director Ross Katz Brings Out the Hottest Celebrities, Power Couples and NYC Tastemakers. Rob attended this event in the beginning of June in New York City. He was accompanied Jena Sims.

Check out the images of the event in the gallery:

The CW Kicks Off Its New Season on Tuesday, September 13,With The Highly Anticipated “Ringer,” Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Following “90210” On Its New Night

New Reality Series “H8R” Premieres Wednesday, September 14, Followed By The First-Ever All-Star Cycle Of “America’s Next Top Model”

“The Secret Circle” Makes Its Series Debut on Thursday, September 15, Following The CW’s #1 Show, “The Vampire Diaries”

“Nikita” and “Supernatural” Return With All New Episodes Friday, September 23

“Hart of Dixie,” Starring Rachel Bilson, Joins The CW’s Line-Up on Monday, September 26, Following The Season Premiere of “Gossip Girl”

“One Tree Hill” Returns with its final season in Spring 2012.


Check out Rob’s performce in the 2006 short film ‘CAPTURING Q’

writer/director/producer CAPTURING Q (a short film) from LeAnna DeBaptiste Hallman on Vimeo.

CAPTURING Q follows college senior Q at an end of the year party celebrating with friends. Q meets a compelling young man who pulls her into his world leaving behind friends to take a risk of her own- but sometimes things aren’t always as they appear.


Season eight of ONE TREE HILL saw the characters moving away from glamour, fame and wealth and instead dealing with the delicate balance that contemporary twenty-somethings face as they endeavor to build and define what their lives will be. Fashion designer Brooke Davis lost her company but found love with Julian Baker, was married and gave birth to twins. Haley James Scott supported her husband Nathan as he lost his NBA career to an injury, but she also won a personal battle with depression and ultimately gave birth to a daughter to compliment their son Jamie. Nathan’s friend and business partner Clay Evans survived an attack by the psychotic Katie to find love and happiness with Quinn James, who not only survived the same attack, but also vanquished the threat of Katie in a harrowing confrontation. Alex Dupré began a promising singing career and also a promising relationship with Chase Evans, who joined the Air Force and returned with a newfound maturity and perspective. And Millicent Huxtable began a broadcasting career, ultimately launching a morning show with her boyfriend Mouth McFadden.

In season nine, how will Brooke and Julian juggle parenthood and their very young careers? With Nathan traveling more as an agent, how will Haley’s life change with a second child, an increasingly independent Jamie, and a busy café to run? Is a wedding in store for Quinn and Clay? Or Mouth and Millicent? And what’s to become of Alex and Chase and their burgeoning romance? Following a fictional four year jump in time, “One Tree Hill” has now spent four seasons exploring the experiences of twenty-somethings. Season nine will continue to grow and break new ground, as the show approaches the rarified air of 200 episodes.

The series stars Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis, Bethany Joy Galeotti as Haley James Scott, James Lafferty as Nathan Scott, Robert Buckley as Clay Evans, Austin Nichols as Julian Baker, Shantel VanSanten as Quinn James and Jackson Brundage as Jamie Scott.

ONE TREE HILL was created by Mark Schwahn and is executive produced by Schwahn, Joe Davola, Greg Prange, Mike Tollin and Brian Robbins. The series is produced by Mastermind Laboratories and Tollin-Robbins Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.

I don’t know about the rest of you One Tree Hill fans, but I almost died waiting to find out if the show got picked up for a season 9 and… Woo hoo! It got picked up for 13 episodes! And after seeing how much you guys responded to my inteview with ShantelVanSanten (Quinn), I knew I just had to talk to her partner-in-crime, Robert Buckley. He’s handsome. He’s funny. And damn, he’s responsible for transitioning Clay from a Tree Hill newbie to an amazing character we all came to adore. That’s not exactly easy for an actor!

Rob and I chatted about the tonight’s finale, next season, his friendship with Shantel, rapping and a whole bunch of other awesome stuff. I dare say it was my favorite interview ever. Not only did he have me cracking up the entire time, but he was super charming and gave great answers!

Note: I interviewed Rob literally an hour before the renewal was announced (seriously, an hour!), so you’ll notice that we are still speculating.

Enjoy! And be sure to tune into the season finale tonight at 8 p.m. on The CW!

Also, check back later this week for my interviews with his costars Kate Voegele and Jackson Brundage!

Hi Rob. How are you?

I’m doing well, how about yourself?

Good. Thank you for talking with me today.

Yeah. It’s my pleasure.

So let’s talk about tonight. What can we expect from the season finale?

Hmm, the killer opening sequence followed by the show’s theme song with a new artist, probably some title credits (laughs). No. They’ve got me pretty tight lipped on how much I can give away. But I have to say, I don’t know how much of it is going to be the episode that I know or if they’re going to change the ending to make it more of a series finale.

Right. And we officially don’t know anything yet as of now? Is that right?

Yes exactly. We’ve heard nothing. So, you know, I’m pretty much in the same boat as a lot of the fans. I don’t know, really what is going to be the ending.

Do you think that fans either way will be happy with Clay and Quinn’s ending?

I do.

OK… You really can’t say anything about it, can you? (laughs)

Well (laughs), it’s also very relative. I’m on Twitter now and a lot of our fans are on Twitter as well and I hear what a lot of people want. Like, some people just want to see Clay and Quinn happy. Like, they won’t be happy until Clay and Quinn have a handful of babies. A clan of ‘Clinns’, if you will. You know, I think it’s a bit relative, but overall I was very satisfied with how they wanted to wrap up the season and I’m a big fan of Clay and Quinn, so I think the fans will be happy.

Great. Yeah, I’ve talked to Shantel and she said the same thing.  She also told us that you guys are best friends. Do you have any good Shantel stories to tell us?

Oh my gosh. Let’s see, what’s appropriate for print (laughs). No, no, I’m kidding. We had a really good time. We got thrown into it together obviously. We started in season 7 and it was not just starting a new job, but joining a show that is already successful, seriously, is like going to a new high school senior year. It’s not even like, am I going to find a prom date? It’s like, am I even going to fit in here? And, so her and I were in the same boat, living in Wilmington. So it was kind of like, we’re either going to sink or swim together so we might as well be, you know, pals. And we ended up having a really good time. Hopefully it comes across on the screen, but I think, for example, this season’s gag reel, I just saw the other day and there’s two really good moments in there of the two of us where you can see we’re complete, just goofballs around each other.

Haha. Cool! So, if the show doesn’t get picked up, do you have any plans? Or are you just sort of waiting?

Yeah, I’ll probably be moving back here to my parents’ basement. There’s a futon with my name on it (laughs). No, I don’t right now, because the truth is, my hope is that the show comes back. I have a great time doing it, so I’m really not trying to hedge my bets, I’m just seeing what happens with the show so if it comes back, great. If it doesnt, look and see what’s out there.

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